How to save mockups and download my saved ones?

Saving your mockups

Saved mockups is a feature that will help you to store your mockups in one place for re-edits and better organization.

  1. Make changes to your mockup and click the floppy disc icon (next to the download button) to save your progress. It might take a few seconds.

Downloading your saved mockups

If you're using our saved mockup feature, you might want to download your saved mockups to keep a local backup or use them in other projects. Fortunately, downloading your saved mockups is a straightforward process that can be done either individually or in bulk using our data export feature.

Downloading your saved mockups individually

  1. To download your saved mockups individually, go to the Saved Mockups tab, where you will find all previously saved mockups. Mockups are divided into groups according to when you saved them.
  2. Click on any of the mockups you want to download. Once the mockup is loaded, click on Download to download the mockup and choose one of the available resolutions (medium, high, super high).

Downloading your saved mockups & designs in bulk

  1. To download your saved mockups and previously uploaded designs in bulk, go to the Account Settings tab, where you will find the Data Export feature.
  2. Click on Download to download all your saved mockups and designs.

💡 Note: If you encounter any issues or have trouble downloading your saved mockups via Data Export, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at

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