Oops something went wrong

If you're receiving the Oops something went wrong error message, here is a couple of quick fixes to help you to get back to using Smartmockups.

Refresh the page

Try to refresh the page first using Command + R (for MacOS) or  CTRL + R (for Windows).

Clear the cache & re-login

Clear your web browser's cache and re-login back to your account on Smartmockups. Your browser's cache and cookies can clog up your memory space and when we update our site, your browser may still use old files, that can cause the display or access problems.

Use a different web browser

If clearing your cache hasn't helped, try to switch to a different web browser.

Turn off ad-blocks and auto-translation plugins

Display or access problems can be caused by ad-blocks or auto-translation plugins that you have turned on. It's recommended to turn the ad-blocks and auto-translations plugins off and try to use Smartmockups again. 

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