How to download mockups as videos or GIFs?

All  technology and social media mockups available on Smartmockups can be downloaded as videos (in. MP4) or as GIFs.

💡 Note: This feature is available for Smartmockups PRO plan subscription.

Here's how to easily download your video mockup:


Go to Smartmockups and choose a technology or social media mockup.


Upload your design in one of the standard video file formats (.MOV, .MP4) with a maximum length of 90 seconds or .GIF and customize the mockup.


Click on  Download to download the mockup and choose one of the available resolutions (medium, high, super high for .MP4; medium, high for .GIF).

💡 Note: Processing time while uploading and downloading can vary depending on your video size.

💡 Note: Video mockups can't be downloaded with a transparent background.

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