How to save my mockups?

Saved mockups is a feature that will help you to store your mockups in one place for re-edits and better organization.

How to save a mockup?


Make changes to your mockup and click  the  floppy disc icon (next to the download button) to save your progress. It might take a few seconds.

Where to find your saved mockups?


To find your Saved mockups, click on the avatar of your Smartmockups account and select Saved Mockups from the dropdown menu.


In the Saved Mockups tab, you will find all previously saved mockups. Mockups are divided into groups according to when you saved them. You can click on any of the mockups and go back to the saved settings and re-edit them.


You can also duplicate or delete your saved mockups by clicking the three dots button in the upper right-hand corner.

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