How to use the URL screenshot feature?

If you don’t have your image files nearby, you can still upload a realistic overview of a website with a screenshot from a URL link.

💡 Note: This feature is available for Smartmockups PRO plan subscription.

Here's a step-by-step guide for you to follow to capture a screenshot in Smartmockups.


In the side panel with mockup settings, click  URL and type in the URL link.


Select  what kind of screenshot you want to create:

    Browser window captures the screenshot with a realistic web browser window tab over the image.

    Full page capture captures the full height of your page.

    Screenshot delay allows you to capture different animations and assets that need more time to load.


Wait a couple of seconds for Smartmockups to capture the screenshot. 


Lastly, click  Download to download your mockup.

💡 Note: Please note, these additional features might take a few seconds to load depending on the website’s speed.

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