How to customize the mockup background?

You can change the background of all isolated mockups in Smartmockups. You can keep it transparent, add a plain background color, colorful gradientupload your own image or pick one of 1,00,000+ free stock images from Unsplash.

💡 Note: This feature is available for Smartmockups PRO plan subscription.


First things first,  create your mockup by uploading a design asset to the mockup scene. Then move to the customization tab for the next step.


In the side panel, look for the background section. In the background section, click Background Image to choose where you want to upload your image from; either from Unsplash or your computer.


Once you have chosen the place you want to upload an image from, the background image editor will appear. In this example, it appears immediately as we are uploading an image from our computer. If you choose to upload a background image from Unsplash, you’ll be able to use the search tab to look for the image you want to use. To choose the background image, click on it and then choose Continue to proceed to the next step.


Adjust the background image. Drag the background image around and zoom it in & out to make it perfectly fit the mockup scene. In this example, we want to make the smartphone mockup look as if it’s on a table. Take your time and play around with the image until you are satisfied with the final result. But the fun doesn’t end here. You can also blur the background image to add depth of field, add saturation, or an overlay color to create a realistic product presentation.


Once you are done adjusting, click Save to confirm changes and download your mockup.

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