How to add or edit my business details?

💡 Note: If you have already canceled your subscription, it is not possible to edit your business details in your Smartmockups account. In this case, please contact our support team

If you are already logged in to your Smartmockups account, here's how you add or change your business details:


Click on the avatar of your account in the upper right-hand corner and choose  Account Settings.


In the left column, click Plan & Billing.


Look for the Billing section. All your subscription invoices are available here.


Select the invoice you want to view and click Get invoice.


Click Add address for adding your business details or Edit address for changing your business details.


Type in or edit your business details and press Save.

💡 Note: If you are registered for VAT, or you simply need to fill out the business info and have missed the field to enter these details, we can do this post-purchase, simply send us your VAT code or business details and address to update the invoice. Please be advised that the VAT number once added cannot be changed. You need to cancel your current subscription and repurchase to register the new VAT number and/or company address.

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