What happened to the affiliate program?

What happened to the affiliate program?

In February 2023, we made the difficult decision to end our affiliate program following the termination of Paddle’s affiliate features. Paddle, our affiliate provider, sent out official communication in January 2023 to inform you about the closure of your account and your final payout dates. 

Unfortunately, we have decided not to move forward with a new affiliate provider because we don’t have the tools in place to support our affiliates in generating the revenue their amazing content deserves. 

At this time, Smartmockups does not offer an affiliate program.

I haven't received my final payout. Can you help?

Paddle is responsible for all payouts directly. On March 31st 2023, Paddle will close your affiliate account and pay out the outstanding balance of funds. You will receive an email confirmation once your account has been closed. Please reach out to Paddle at https://www.paddle.com/help regarding the status of your payout.

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