Group mockups into collections

Group mockups into collections to keep the content organized and save it for the future so that you don't have to search through thousands of mockups again. 

💡 Note: User collections work for all Smartmockups users with an account.

💡 Note: All collections will be shared across your team in Smartmockups. 

How to create a collection in Smartmockups

Hover over mockups in the mockup library and click the + collect icon.
Click create a new collection, name it and confirm the changes by hitting create a collection button.

How to add mockups to a collection

To add mockups into the collection, hover over mockups in the mockup library and click + collect icon. 
From the collections tab, click on the collection you want to add the mockup to.
A checkmark with a blue overlay indicated you have added the mockup into a collection.

Where to find your collections in Smartmockups

All of your collections can be found in Smartmockups.

Click the avatar of your account in the upper right-hand corner and choose My collections. This is where all of your collections are.

Rename collections

To rename collections, click on the collection you want to rename in My collections tab. Confirm the changes by choosing Rename collection button. 

Delete collections

Following the same steps from the above, you can delete collections in My collections tab. Choose the collection you want to delete and click red trash icon. You will be asked to confirm the delete process. Once the collection is deleted, the change can't be restored.

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