Smartmockups is a subscription-based product mockup generator. This means that to start using all mockups and features available, you need to subscribe to Smartmockups PRO monthly or annual plan. 

💡 Note: You can use Smartmockups for free forever with limited access to mockups and features. 

💡 Note: Your subscription can be canceled anytime. 

To choose your pricing: 
Go to the Pricing page
Click the button to switch between monthly and annual billing. 
Click Upgrade plan to purchase Smartmockups PRO. You can easily upgrade your plan using PayPal (depending on your location) or your card (it can be debit or credit). 

💡 Note: Please be advised that the VAT number once added cannot be changed. You need to cancel your current subscription and repurchase to register the new VAT number and/or company address. 

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