How to create a mockup

Creating a mockup in Smartmockups is a very easy process that will take you a couple of seconds. Here's a step-by-step guide for you to follow:

Choose your mockup

Go to Smartmockups and select a mockup you want to create. There are 6 different product mockup categories in the main menu you can choose from: Technology, Print, Packaging, Apparel, Home & Living and Social media mockups.

💡 Note: There are two types of mockups: photo and isolated mockups.

Upload a design to your mockup

You can upload the design via Upload from button or from third-party integrations like Canva, Dropbox, Marvel and Figma. Once uploaded, our Magic upload will handle everything - from fitting the design, choosing the object color to generating a color palette of five dominant colors. 

💡 Note: Learn more about the supported file formats for upload.

Adjust the design

If you need to make changes to your design, click the pen icon. A crop tool will pop up. This is where you can use our controls to adjust the design.

Customize your mockup

In the  Customise tab, you'll see what customization options you have for the chosen mockup. To change the color of the object (hoodie in our case), click Choose button in hoodie color section.  

Presets and custom colours

Select your color. Preset colours is a list of colours created beforehand for your convenience. There is also an automatically generated color palette that was created upon the image upload. Lastly, you can select your own custom colour using color picker tool or hex codes.

Download mockup

Click Download and choose from three different resolutions to download your mockup.

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